Frequently asked questions

Most people have a preconceived notion about chiropractic or don’t even know what to think about it! 


How does it work? 

Do you have pain? If so that is your body letting your brain know there is a problem. Whether it’s from a sudden event or just building over time chiropractic can help solve that problem. Chiropractic adjustments are specific and targeted to normalize joint alignment and therefore restore order to the nervous system, relieving pain while allowing the body to heal. 


Wait, does it hurt? 

No, quite the contrary, the chiropractic we provide is completely painless. We employ the Activator adjusting instrument, the most highly researched technique in the chiropractic profession, high speed low force adjustment that is minimally invasive to the patient. Decades of research and development ensure our patients receive the utmost quality care backed by science. Painless chiropractic care!


What do you treat? 

Chiropractic is most commonly known for treating back pain, neck pain and headache. We also treat all the other joints in the body including legs, arms and the jaw. 


How long do I have to wait for an appointment? 

We pride ourselves with honoring your time. We have same day appointments, even for new patients, and typically you are in and out of our office within 15 minutes.